Tote bag wedding favors commemorating the couple’s two wedding celebrations.


“Katy designed a canvas tote bag that we gave to guests as a gift for our wedding. She created a beautiful two-part design that combined scenes from where my husband and I each grew up. She worked with us to create something that reflected our vision, but much better than I could have imagined!

In addition to having great design skills, Katy was a pleasure to work with. She let us know her timeline and was very punctual. She also listened to our ideas to make sure the design reflected our style. And when the printer came back with a question to ensure the design was printed correctly, Katy communicated rapidly and clearly with them.

Overall, it was a great experience. While I don’t intend to have another wedding, I do look forward to finding excuses to work with Katy again!”

– Dana Cavin

  • Project Type: Art
  • Created In: Illustrator
  • Client: StĂ©phane and Dana Cavin
  • Project Year: 2016